Bicycle - Pedestrian Accident Injury
Bicycle - Pedestrian Accident Injury

Pedestrian and Bike Accident Attorneys

The normal activities of riding a bike or crossing the street can become a nightmare. Even when obeying traffic laws and taking precautions, the bicyclist or walker is highly vulnerable to the negligence of others, and in most cases utterly unprotected.

The Marquart Law Group of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, can help if a child or loved one was struck by a car or otherwise injured while riding, walking, or jogging. Our proven trial lawyers have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts in bike accident and pedestrian injury cases throughout Orange County.

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In the best case scenario, a bicyclist or skater is wearing a helmet that mitigates injuries. Unfortunately, in many cases the tremendous impact results in death or catastrophic injuries such as back or neck injury, multiple broken bones, amputation, paralysis, or brain injury.

We have handled a wide range of bike accident and pedestrian cases:

  • Four bicyclists hit while riding on a narrow shoulder of the Pacific Coast Highway, three of whom died
  • Adults run down in crosswalks
  • Children struck on residential streets
  • A cyclist who suffered a shoulder separation and damage to his $10,000 bike when a driver opened his door without looking
  • A woman riding at the beach who suffered a detached retina and other injuries when someone pulled on a gardening hose laying across the bike path
  • A bicyclist thrown off his bike in an accident stemming from improperly assembled handlebars

Investing in Your Recovery

Our attorneys commit the resources to collect the maximum damages in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit:
  • We examine the scene personally to preserve evidence and interview witnesses. Was the victim in a legal crosswalk or bike lane? Was the driver distracted or making an illegal maneuver? Did they try to avoid the accident? Were there posted signs? Road design issues?
  • We coordinate our own engineering background with the findings of accident reconstruction specialists, police reports, and coroner's reports to demonstrate the driver's negligence.
  • We employ economists, physical therapists, surgeons, and other experts to project the client's maximum medical recovery and future financial needs for a life-changing injury.
  • At settlement or trial, we use computer simulations and other visuals to drive home our arguments.

Insurance coverage can be an issue, and we pursue all sources for recovering compensation. One client who did not have a car was unable to work after being thrown over his handlebars in a bike accident. We collected under his wife's uninsured motorist policy.

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